Saturday, March 13, 2010

Health Insurance... better yet, maternity insurance.

HEalth Insurance

I've always had it. Wonderful. I could go to the doctor for $15 and I could go to the dentist for free, and I did not have to worry about anything!

Then I grew up a little and realized that the dentist sent the remaining bill to my parents and they payed for it. Then I grew up a little more and realized that my parents PAY FOR insurance. Call me crazy, but I had no idea. I mean I knew people did, but I thought that if my dad's work provided health insurance as a benefit that it meant he didn't have to pay for it... but he has a wife and 4 kids, so he did.

Upon getting engaged, Kyle and I are making all the grown up decisions that will affect our lives over the next few year, or a lifetime. We're signed up for a marriage conference in a few weeks, we've picked out our silverware, and I picked out my wedding dress...

Then we've had to make the actual decisions, lol. Like figuring out our budget, finding a place to live, and as you may have guessed: Health Insurance.

So I'm shopping around to compare the additional cost of adding me to Kyle's plan versus getting my own plan. And here's the thing you can get some pretty decent insurance for $150-300 a month honestly. Then comes in maternity.

So Kyle and I are not planning on having kids the very second we get married;however, maternity insurance is something we'll need in case God blesses us early with a little bundle of super duper joy! And maternity insurance is not standard, it's an extra option that DOUBLES every other quote I originally found.

Last night I thought about this maternity insurance while catching up on The Office (episode where Pam and Jim have the baby) and well, almost needless to say: I drempt I was pregnant and waddling and it was actually hilarous.

All that, all that to say that: Ladies who are getting married soon. Make sure you look into that insurance as you plan. And make sure to mention "maternity" but be careful because it will affect your pocketbook.

But it's still beautiful outside, and I'm still a little too excited about making grown up decisions (even though it takes me about a month to make each one :)