Sunday, September 6, 2009


If you've made your way here and decided to stay, thank you. My name's Brittany, my friends call me BK... growing up I was given the name, and still growing up it's stuck with me. I recently moved into the "real world" where work requires "business casual" and cooking dinner should be more than peanut butter ans strawberry preserves on wheat.

I've already begun wardrobe shopping, and I'm a sale-finder, deal getter; thinking that I can make anything I see cheaper than the sale price. (Note: I'm usually very wrong, lol) But I'll invite you to join me in multiple new attempts, clothes, my crazy hair, cooking, decorating, budgeting... and all those things we're supposed and I' like to master as "grown-ups."

A little life, a little failure, a little success, and quite possible a lot of God. Enjoy.

(Below is a Quick Tuna Sandwich!... tuna, apple chunks, bell pepper chunks, dijon mustard, and dab of mayo mixed up and served on whole grain bread... with the other half of the apple!)

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