Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mr. Columbus and food for thought.

So life has flown out the window like a bird running home and I'm just trying to make lists to keep up...

That being said I'll very quickly catch you up on my latest adventures.
1. Ew
I tried a new recipe that I edited from one found on the back of Campbell's Low Sodium Cream of Mushroom Soup... I was going to call the masterpiece "Penne Green Bean Tuna Casserole." Although now seeing the name, and imagining what it could taste like it seems like an awfully yucky idea, I thought it would be great and ended up eating the leftovers for two days... due to my "I'm saving so I can pay off my student loan really fast when I get out of school finally" low budget.
Now I call the recipe "Ew!"

2. Yummy
So I did successfully make a wonderful and healthy! meatloaf, that I've captured by camera and I'll be posting as soon as I can along with the recipe... get excited.
Also for all of you that are not from South Louisiana, I'll be posting a great little story about Gumbo and a recipe (kind of) that you may be able to follow to end you in heaven, AKA Dad's Gumbo and Mom's Potato Salad.

3. Thank You Mr. Columbus
I'll have to give props to Mr. Chris who decided he must in fact sail, for discovering the Americas and doing it in such a way that I got Monday off of work. My long weekend allowed me to see some beautiful people in my life.
The people that make you understand exactly who you are, and not only how you can better love, or how much they love you, but How much God must love you to bless you with people like them. The people that you could spend years drinking tea with and talking life or sitting with your arm around and saying nothing at all and being perfectly content.
To Amy, Lyndsey, Grace Community Church, and Kyle: thank you, may God bless you even one half of how you bless me and it would turn your world upside down.

(Just a quick update, but More to come later on adventures of love, laughs, food, and friends...and my newly redecorated bathroom!)

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