Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Growing Up

Oh you would be so proud of the way I'm growing up. Or well, how life is growing me up.

It's funny how the world around us changes, and honestly we seem to stay the same. Growing older may only be us changing because of a response to our surroundings. Example: My older brother (by only one year, mind you) is turning 24 years old tomorrow. I asked him when did we even grow up... then I realized in 31 days I'll be a Mrs.

I guess we grew up.

Refreshingly enough though, I'm wrong and right about us staying the same. Yep, I'm still the little girl who runs around in the back yard in the rain, smiles constantly, and would love nothing more than to fill her hair with wildflowers and create something. But fortunatley I know how to read now, I can drive, I can cook for myself... but better than that I've learned a little more about how to live and how to love.

Really still learning about how to love well. It's a constant learning that I really think will not be complete until I meet my Savior in heaven and can finally love and praise Him unconditionally. Oh I cannot wait for the day.


...but in case anyone is counting the growing. I have a wedding dress ready to wear, 216 people have told me their coming to our wedding, I'm managing activities for tons of families this summer, and daily at the hospital I make decisions that may help or hurt a patient... planning is to always help. I've attended a marriage conference, read tons of books on being a grown up...

...but honestly I don't think that one day it hits you: being grown up. But more like every day there are little thing that reachin and whisper or run out and scream "today you're more 'grown up' than yesterday" :)

We'll see.

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