Friday, January 29, 2010

Flowers, and wedding, and flowers.

So today means, wedding planning!

I've got the day off, miraculously! and I've decided that among the things I must catch up on for school... I'm planning a wedding too.

Flowers. Here's the thing, I love flowers! Like really, in a perfect world we would all wear flowers and butterflies, like real ones! If I could decroate my wedding day any way I wanted there would be a field of wildflowers, lots of potted flowers growing and butterflies flapping around everywhere.

NOTE: I'm still trying to figure out if I can grow yellow butterflies and release them when we say I do :) lol

But Flowers, friend, are expensive. Either way, today I'm not paying for them, today I'm just looking :)

So here's your more classy wedding, like w grown up wedding, and no doubt, Beautiful!

Bride's flowers above and Bridesmaids' below!

Then the ultra classy hydrangea white centerpieces...

But then honestly, THIS below, these are more, well, me...

like that yellow pops like sunshine!

And then to cut down ont he flowers, and still add to the table, an idea that I'm sure I love... the photo frame. Not sure who the Asian guy is in the picture, but it could be fun!

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